I guess I’ll forgive you for not including Mimikyu

So close, yet one card away

Honey, I think this Hotel is stalking us.

No, NO. This is not a good time for my Ghost to surprise attack me.

“Be careful, snails are vegetarians” Wait why would you- *looks at Turnip Boy* Oh yah, I’m a turnip =P

Time to get my pong on

If you would have ASKED NICELY I would have given you some blood.

Another year, another LudoNarraCon. Come check it out before it ends on April 26!

A splash of Wizard of Oz, a blop of Red Riding Hood, and a dash of some southern accents

Oh Ethan, what did you get yourself into this time.


A witch that mainly writes game reviews (PC/PS4/Switch)! You can check out my personal site here: https://witchsreviewcorner.com/

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